Our Approach:

Neuro-Native Re-Mapping

Our approach is called “Neuro-Narrative Re-Mapping.” It is not completely new; rather it harnesses the most recent advances in neuroscience, psychotherapy, hypnosis, and positive psychology to create new ways of helping people change their thinking, improve their motivation and harness their hidden potential.


As the name implies, the “neuro” aspect of this approach rests solidly on recent advances in neuroscience, targeting specific brain regions and helping the whole brain work in a coordinated fashion with all of its parts.


“Narrative” activates the storytelling part of your brain. Storytelling is an ancient tradition that humans have used for millennia to teach important habits and values.  Stories can introduce new ideas and reshape old ones.  As a child, the first stories you heard laid the groundwork for the person you became.  Your brain is wired to hear stories.  Our stories, suggestions, images, and metaphors go straight to your unconscious, to change the way you think, feel, and act.


“Re-mapping” is how neuroscientists explain how your brain changes and expands. All your thoughts are really mental maps, connecting smaller groups of neurons to larger and larger groups of neurons.  Our techniques help you to “re-map” your neurons making new, stronger connections and expanding old ones.  Through these re-mapping processes, you will have the opportunity to re-learn bad habits and introduce new ideas, images, and metaphors to help your brain re-inforce the positive outcomes you’d like to see.

You have the potential to improve significant aspects of your life. These methods will help you unlock your hidden potential.

Dr. Mark Sirkin

Our Approach