In this book, he covers a lot of ground that can help someone identify the causes of imbalance, prioritize their life goals, and create a plan to restore that balance. Among the important topics covered include:

  • Diagnosing where and how things went wrong
  • How to reset your priorities
  • Creating a plan to improve your work/life balance
  • Goal setting
  • Stress management
  • Improving communications to both the home- and work-front
  • Re-connecting the core values that make your life unique and worthwhile

Dr. Sirkin is uniquely qualified to provide this guidance. As an executive coach and psychotherapist, he appreciates the demands that work and home place on today’s busy professionals. He has guided many people to improve their lives and to have more successful careers. This book can help you do the same, achieve your goals without sacrificing the quality time that you and your family deserve.

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You have the potential to improve significant aspects of your life. These methods will help you unlock your hidden potential.

Dr. Mark Sirkin

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